13. April 2016

WARSTEINER at the Affordable Art Fair in Milan

Where do young artists get their first break? How do they get their works seen by discerning art critics and, often more importantly, in front of the art-collecting, art-buying public? How do they get from “no name” to “big name?” The 2016 Affordable Art Fair in Milan had some answers!

Sponsored by the Warsteiner Brewery, this innovative and highly successful event was held from March 16 – 20, 2016 in the spacious Superstudio Più, one of Milan’s most exciting venues for international art shows.

With 84 international galleries showcasing works of more than 500 emerging as well as established artists, thousands of visitors and art buyers were treated to a kaleidoscope of different artistic expressions – from street art to photography, from graphics to the most experimental works. Additionally, more than 300 members of the Italian and international press were in attendance, providing the best possible exposure for these young artists.

As the main sponsor of this dynamic event, Warsteiner hosted the opening and closing night parties as well as several high-profile happenings, including live performances, podium discussions and workshops alongside the daily program.

Inspired by the spirit of the Warsteiner #doitright campaign, the urban artist Tresoldi engaged the audience in an interactive performance “Pagina Bianca” to share their thoughts on an enormous white canvas. A specially created entree based on beer was served at the Affordable Art Fair restaurant and the Warsteiner hospitality buffet where art critics and visitors, collectors and artists enjoyed the vibrant networking scene during the five day event.

But the brightest stars were the young, emerging artists and their mind-blowing works of art. As part of the Warsteiner-sponsored “Young Talent” competition, contestants enjoyed valuable facetime with critics and the public in the form of interviews and stage presentations.

The “Warsteiner Art Battle” further put the spotlight on the top three contributions by emerging street artists to be part of the new “Warsteiner Collection.”

Events like the Affordable Art Fair or the annual BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner fulfill a vital role in the evolving art world – they are the much needed stepping stones for emerging artists by providing a public forum and allowing young artists to find a market for their works while remaining true to themselves, their passion, and their dreams! At Warsteiner, we call it “Do It Right!”

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