EVENT: 06. October 2012
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Warsteiner Celebrates German-American Day

In 1683, thirteen families from Germany arrived in Pennsylvania and settled in a section of Philadelphia, which they called Germantown. 300 years later, in 1983, then President Ronald Reagan declared October 6th as β€œGerman-American Day” to honor German immigration and the many contributions German- Americans have made, from Albert Einstein to Henry Kissinger, from Marlene Dietrich to Sandra Bullock.

In celebration of this special day, events and parades are scheduled across the USA on October 6th 2012,including festivities at the German-American Friendship Garden in Washington, D.C. In addition, many individuals and families will celebrate their German heritage by inviting relatives and friends for a traditional German meal and raising a glass of great German beer as a toast to their ancestors. Our premium Warsteiner beers are the perfect choice to honor German heritage and traditions, with WARSTEINER having a long tradition of brewing excellence that goes back to 1753. Enjoy either the mild taste of our WARSTEINER Premium Verum or the rich smooth taste of WARSTEINER Premium DUNKEL.

The United States, where WARSTEINER has been imported for more than 30 years, represents one of the most important international markets for WARSTEINER, which is also available in more than 60 countries worldwide. Throughout the USA, you will find a cold, refreshing WARSTEINER in many top-outlets, such as the Plaza Food Hall in New York City or the Brown Palace in Denver.

Furthermore, Warsteiner promotions will take place in different restaurants, e.g. in the Silver Spring House in Cincinnati, Ohio, in Jacoby’s in Detroit, Michigan, or in the Double J’s Sports Bar in Joliet, Illinois.

Please also join our Warsteiner fanpage on Facebook to tell or show us where / how you celebrate German-American Day with a Warsteiner: https://www.facebook.com/warsteinerusa