05. September 2012
  • Sports

Celebrating GolfPunk’s Online Relaunch

UNITED KINGDOM - Trendy, sassy, edgy - GolfPunk tells it how it is and then more! Going viral with social media, smartphones and tablets, the hip UK magazine GolfPunk is now available exclusively online informing its young, sophisticated audience about all things golf - anytime, anywhere.

With players strutting their stuff and letting you in on some juicy tidbits from behind the scene, the golf universe once again has a magazine with an irreverent spin showing the cool side of golf while delivering up-to-date news about today’s stars, the latest fashion and blazing golf technology. To celebrate its rebirth as an online magazine, GolfPunk threw a memorable party the same week the legendary British Open rocked the Isles. WARSTEINER helped celebrating in style as the exclusive beer sponsor for this event!