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  • 23. October 2012

NYC Food Film Festival 2012

USA - The sold-out New York City Food Film Festival (NYCFFF) 2012, which took place in New York City from October 17th to October 21st, 2012, was a smashing success. Food and film lovers enjoyed tasting what they had seen on the screen and toasted this exclusive experience and exciting time with WARSTEINER – an authentic German Premium Beer.

The NYCFFF is known as a competitive film festival where the food featured in the films is served to the audience. Called by The New Yorker magazine as “borderline genius,” and described by the The New York Times as “dinner and a movie. . .elevated to an art form,”  the festival  has received a great deal of attention and praise by the media. Highlights included the “I ♥ Japan“ event with world premieres of “New York Cooks for Tohoku”, a film about famous New York chefs who serve a special meal for Japanese survivors of the tsunami who are still living in emergency housing, and the documentary “Ramen Dreams” whose star, Chef Keizo Shimamoto, fulfilled his dream of becoming a ramen chef. At the NYCFFF, he also cooked and served his legendary ramen, a type of Japanese pasta.

The films shown on the Festival often relate the food topics with sustainability and a responsible use of resources. With its focus on food created with passion and meticulous craftsmanship, this festival represented a perfect match for WARSTEINER being known for tradition, passion and brewing excellence. This year, WARSTEINER was the Official Imported Beer Sponsor for the first time, readily available at all six festival events, offering visitors the experience of enjoying a delicious Warsteiner beer or König Ludwig Weissbier while watching some of the forty featured food films.

For more information visit
http://thefoodfilmfestival.com or https://www.facebook.com/warsteinerusa.

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