18. October 2012
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Warsteiner Events in the Netherlands

THE NETHERLANDS - WARSTEINER supports a series of different events in the Netherlands that embody a concept of creating something new, something energizing - whether it is the idea of bringing together the online friends of two Facebook users, participating in a series of events celebrating human expression or supporting a gallery opening of a show by a cutting-edge artist.

Weareyourfriends and Mmousse Unscheduled #2

The initiative Weareyourfriends (WAYF) takes the online connectivity of Facebook one step further by creating authentic moments based on the online connections of mutual friends. In a nutshell, two Facebook friends invite all their mutual friends to a special event, who in turn will each bring one guest to the event. The result is a unique mix of people coming together and getting to know each other. Each WAYF event will have a different framework that could range from a crazy clubbing night to a laid-back picnic in a park. The WAYF Launch Edition was held in Amsterdam on September 6, 2012, culminating in a memorable night of partying. This dynamic concept is a perfect fit for WARSTEINER and thus, the brand supported this event by offering party guests a refreshing WARSTEINER Premium Verum. To learn more about WAYF, see https://www.facebook.com/becausewayf  or http://weareyourfriends.in.

Another Dutch event, Mmousse Unscheduled #2, was held at Mmousse, a “downtown oasis” in the heart of Amsterdam. It took place on September 21, 2012, presenting postings by 20 Dutch and international bloggers who specialize in ideas about people, food, fashion, living and lifestyle. Thus, WARSTEINER found a perfect stage for addressing a young, urban audience that enjoyed the Premium beer very much. For more information about future events, visit: https://www.facebook.com/MMOUSSEams or http://www.mmousse.nl/.

Upcoming EGS SOLO SHOW at the UNRULY GALLERY in Amsterdam

If you want to see some truly amazing street art, check out the EGS solo show at the UNRULY GALLERY in Amsterdam in early November. EGS is one of the most internationally celebrated graffiti artists from Finland, and his art has been shown in galleries and on walls all over the world. True to our commitment to modern art, WARSTEINER will support the opening event of this exhibit on November 2, 2012, by offering our premium Warsteiner beer to the sophisticated guests. The UNRULY GALLERY is owned by the famous calligraphist Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman. This established artist has an eye for talents, which makes the UNRULY GALLERY a fascinating place for head-turning artistic expressions. To learn more about the EGS show and the UNRULY GALLERY, see http://www.unrulygallery.com or visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UnrulyGallery.

The pictures of the WAYF Launch Edition were taken by Hanna Hachula, www.hannahachula.com.