Pater Linus

Masterfully brewed in the Belgian tradition

Abbey Beers are authentically different from mainstream lager in presentation, taste and story. They combine a quality that deserves appreciation and a taste that warrants savouring. Strongly linked with the Belgian culture Abbey beers – often brewed in small, handcrafted batches with top-quality ingredients, one could call it the original craft beer! To honor the living heritage the UNESCO inscribed the Belgian beer culture on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016.

Whether produced by Trappist monks in their monasteries or brewed in partnership with an abbey of a different order, these specialty beers offer a true and authentic beer sensation based on exceptional recipes that reflect the tradition and values of the monastery.

How to Pour an Authentic “PATER LINUS Abtei Königsmünster Bière d’Abbaye Blonde” 

To ensure an authentic Pater Linus Abbey beer experience by allowing its satisfying, complex taste nuances and fine-pored head to fully develop, follow these steps:

  1. Take a clean, cold, wet Pater Linus chalice glass.
  2. Place the glass straight under the tap and open the tap at once, be careful not to immerse the spout in the foam.
  3. When the glass is filled 50/50 with beer and foam, close the tab and allow the beer to settle for 15 seconds. Be patient, this pause allows the foam to become denser.
  4. Fully open the tap again and fill the rest of the glass, allowing the foam to come up to the top edge of the logo on the chalice and rise above the rim like a crown. No need to skim off the foam.
  5. Close the tab and you are ready to serve a perfectly poured Pater Linus Belgian Style abbey beer to your guests.

Important Storage Instruction

Make sure the keg is stored upside down to prevent the yeast from settling at the bottom. The kegs should be cooled to 6° Celsius (43° Fahrenheit) to guarantee a perfect drinking temperature of 8° (47° Fahrenheit). Before connecting the keg, turn it upright.

Friar Linus 

Friar Linus was an extraordinary person and the first who brought the spirit of the Benedictine order to the region Meschede. In Honor of this and especially of the legacy of the abbey itself the full name is “PATER LINUS Abtei Königsmünster Bière d’Abbaye Blonde”.
One of Friar Linus statements was “If the monastery’s kitchen does not work, you can soon close it down“.

Abtei Königsmünster 

The Abtei of Königsmünster, a Benedict order located in the town of Meschede, Germany, is a relatively young monastery. Founded in 1928, Königsmünster is today a place for cultural, educational and religious contemplation – a peaceful center where the moment is lived intensely and mindfulness not just a catch phrase. Recognized for a modern, contemporary understanding which is evident in the purist style of the unique abbey building itself, the monks of Königsmünster maintain thriving workshops for a variety of goods and produce from pottery, carpentry and weaving to cheese, bread and apple ciders which they serve in the abbey’s gastronomy or sell in the abbey store and via the internet.
To address the demand for a genuine abbey beer that would carry the Königsmünster legacy into the world, the monks of the Abtei Königsmünster carefully developed a recipe for an authentic abbey beer specialty that reflects the tradition and values of their monastery.
In the well-respected Belgian brewery van Steenberge, located in the Belgium town of Ghent, the monks found an ideal partner.

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Friedenskirche der Abtei Königsmünster

Brouwerij Van Steenberge 

The Van Steenberge brewery is known for the production of high fermented beers and is specialized in refermentation – not only in the bottle but also in the keg. The Belgian brewery produces more than 120.000 hl yearly and exports about 85 percent of its production. The 6th generation, family-owned brewery van Steenberge was most recently awarded the coveted title of “Belgian Brewery of the Year” at the 2016 New York International Beer Competition.
Right from the start, a special bond developed between the monastery and the brew masters of the van Steenberge brewery, whose passion for brewing Belgian beers of the highest caliber matched the monks’ vision of an authentic and genuine beer worthy of the name of the first prior of the abbey, “PATER LINUS”.

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