13. September 2012

Review Warsteiner Int. Montgolfiade 2012

On the last evening, Saturday, September 8, more than 35,000 visitors attended the closing ceremony of the 22nd Warsteiner International Montgolfiade which ended in style with a spectacular nightglow followed by fantastic fireworks.

The 22nd Warsteiner International Montgolfiade, the largest hot-air balloon festival in Europe held annually in early September in Warstein, was host to 206 hot-air balloon teams with a total of 1,458 starts and drew almost 154,000 enthusiastic fans.

The highlights involved spectacular mass ascensions with more than a 150 colorful hot-air balloons floating across the sky as well as annual long distance races, the paraballooning competition and magical night-glows with illuminated ballons gently swaying in the evening breeze to atmospheric music.

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