27. June 2013

Warsteiner x IWISHUSUN x Marcelo Burlon

Sunlight for all – IWISHUSUN has committed itself to overcoming blindness. More than 80% of the over 39 million blind persons worldwide could be cured – with the proper funding, which is all-too-often unavailable.

The fledgling charity IWISHUSUN, i.e. “I WISH YOU SUN,” operates out of Berlin and is headed by Cathy Boom and Patrick Andrist. Both come from the fashion world, and IWISHUSUN’s ideas have gravitated in this direction: creating high-quality clothing with the assistance of various partners. Every piece sold enables needy person to receive cataract surgery!

A particularly constructive constellation of persons has been found to support IWISHUSUN at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. The charity is cooperating with Marcelo Burlon, the designer of the popular County of Milan label, whose sensational prints and shirts are currently the talk of the town. Striking animal motifs and patterns characterize the designs of this multi-talented person, who is also a DJ, event manager, video director, and stylist.

Designer Marcelo Burlon said the following regarding the collaboration: “I did not have to think very long when the charity organization IWISHUSUN contacted me to work on a joint collaboration to raise money for needy persons. In this artificial and consumerist industry in which we work, it is good to give something back.”

Marcelo Burlon has designed a Limited Edition County of Milan T Shirt for IWISHUSUN! As an exclusive motif he has created an abstract owl in bright, carefully matched colors, which is his style. The choice of motif is not an accident – owls are known for their excellent eyesight. Warsteiner is pleased to add its support to the collaboration: the owl motif has been transferred to Warsteiner bottles with the cooperation of Marcelo Burlon and IWISHUSUN!


Andy Chiu, Head of Brand Management for Warsteiner, had the following to say about the collaboration: “Marcelo is one of the most exciting designers in the street wear scene today. His designs are lively, large-scale prints with a love of color. IWISHUSUN is a wonderful charity, which enables people all over the world to see – not only Marcelo’s designs but all the colors in the world. Warsteiner is proud to be a partner in this wonderful collaboration and to give it our support.”

The shirt is available in black or white and the bottle itself appears in matte black or white. The colors are each limited to 100 units and can be purchased for € 149 at the launch event and thereafter at www.iwishusun.net. 100% of the proceeds go directly to support IWISHUSUN.

Cathy Boom has the last word. The founder of IWISHUSUN is thrilled with the successful collaboration: “I am very pleased that IWISHUSUN is collaborating with Marcelo Burlon on a County of Milan Limited Edition T Shirt. The two labels are a perfect complement to each other: fashion expertise mated with the idea of saving eyesight with every Limited Edition T shirt sold – this is as it should be!”

IWISHUSUN, Warsteiner, and Marcelo Burlon invite you to brunch for the introduction of the Limited Edition! On July 03, both the T shirts and the bottles will be on display and for sale for the first time in the Berlin SOTO Store at Torstrasse 72. Starting at 10 am, every Berliner and Berlin visitor is warmly invited to learn more about IWISHUSUN – and, of course, to see the shirt and the bottle!

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