11. April 2014

No Matter What You Do: Do It Right

If you are looking for something, something real, something to actually believe in, go for it, take it, chase it, know it, taste it, be proud of it, dream it, hunt it, fight for it, love it. But whatever it is you do. Do it right.” That’s the message of the new Warsteiner campaign.

It all starts on German TV, in movie theaters and online, and is supported by national print motifs. In addition, documentary-style interviews, which are accessible online, portray the authentic personalities featured in the spot. As one of Germany’s most successful brewery groups, Warsteiner also launches its “Do It Right” campaign internationally.

The campaign emotionalizes by telling true stories – stories of people who do what for them is right. At the same time, the campaign asks everyone to stand up for whatever their individual pursuit might be. The new Warsteiner brand umbrella campaign emphasizes attitudes and values, which the brand with its family tradition shares since 1753.

The new Warsteiner campaign puts the focus primarily on authentic characters and their experiences and passions. This separates Warsteiner from many other campaigns in the German beer market. “The new slogan ‘Do It Right’ describes an inspiring and supporting attitude which moves the consumer into the focus,” notes Jordi Queralt, Marketing Director of the Warsteiner Group. “It encourages to live one’s individual life philosophy, to live life and the moment to their fullest,” adds Queralt.

“Warsteiner brews beer with absolute dedication and uncompromising determination. Our campaign celebrates that very mindset and takes it beyond Warsteiner itself. The message – ‚whatever it is you do, do it right’ is a recognition of shared values between brewer and drinker, and in all individuals that truly and passionately care about something.”

Richard Gorodecky, Executive Creative Director at Amsterdam Worldwide

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