02. April 2014

Warsteiner Art Space X Hotel BLOOM! Brussel

For over three years, Warsteiner has been supporting the Dutch art & fashion scene and creative initiatives with Warsteiner Art. This is Warsteiner's way of bringing together creative people who generate exceptional crossovers.

Warsteiner continually aims at the highest quality and therefore opts for persons and brands which bear the same qualitative aura as the beer brand. To celebrate that Warsteiner is now being served in the Brussels Hotel BLOOM!, Warsteiner has instigated a long-lasting collaboration in the form of their own Warsteiner Art Space in Hotel BLOOM! For their first project, Warsteiner joins forces with TonTon Club. Specifically for Warsteiner, they have designed a unique Blacklight Airhockey Room (B.A.R.) with a personalised touch by typographic designer Pieter Ceizer.

As of now the Blacklight Airhockey Room (B.A.R.) can be discovered in Hotel BLOOM!, the unparalleled design hotel in the heart of Brussels in which none of the rooms share the same concept. Each room is unique and features its own fresco painted by a young European artist. Art and creativity are two keywords for Warsteiner as well, which renders Hotel BLOOM! a perfect fit for the beer brand’s philosophy.

Warsteiner is a family brewery that sees the creative industry as a family too. The emphasis with this project lies on collaborations that are facilitated by Warsteiner.

Warsteiner has been on brew since 1753 and has ever since adhered to the Reinheitsgebot or German Beer Purity Law which states that the only ingredients allowed to be used in the production of beer are water, barley and hops.

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