22. July 2014


REAL STORIES OF REAL DJS AT DEKMANTEL FESTIVAL Every country and every city has its own musical heroes. They’re the locals who live for music, spending most of their time on the decks or in local record stores, looking for that one record to add to their already outstanding vinyl collection. Each and every one of these DJs has a unique story: what does music mean to them? How did their passion get them where they are now, and what did it take to get there?


In the run-up to and during the Dekmantel Festival, Warsteiner and Dekmantel are telling the story behind these authentic vinyl-spinning DJs. We went in search of their secrets and life lessons, and took a peek into their day-to-day lives. Armed with pen, paper and camera, we got to know these music purists. The end result is a unique account of different DJs talking about their passion. This series of videos, ‘Sole Selectors’, will be available to view on a special website over the coming months. Enjoy a sneak preview now with the teaser videos below!

For several years now, the music collective Dekmantel and Warsteiner have been working on the development of various concepts for the Dekmantel events. Because we believe in these top class DJs, Warsteiner has helped make this unique project possible, in its capacity as official sponsor.

The project ties in perfectly with our international ‘Do It Right’ campaign, which features true stories about people who wholeheartedly pursue their passion and help to inspire others to do the same. The exceptional, passionate DJs in the videos are a perfect example of this – they have inspired many others to start DJing.

The different stories are brought to life through videos and text, and it all culminates in a grand finale on a special stage at the Dekmantel Festival!


‘I can listen to Music all day and try to discover stuff all day’


‘I don’t need fans, i need music listeners’


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