20. August 2015

Warsteiner @ Lollapalooza Berlin

The internationally successful Lollapalooza festival is finally coming to Europe! From September 12-13, 2015, this legendary US festival debuts at the Tempelhof airfield in Berlin. This highlight at the end of the festival season has chosen a perfect partner to kick off the event in style: the No.1 exporting brewery among privately owned breweries in Germany – The Warsteiner Brewery.

Lollapalooza combines music, arts & crafts and food into an unusual event: Rock, hip-hop, dance and even country music mingle with comedy, fashion and the arts. In the 90’s, the festival rose to legendary status in the music scene and since 2005, the event regularly takes place in the United States at Grant Park in Chicago. Inspired by its success, the organizers decided to grow its fan base in other countries as well which resulted in Lollapaloozas emerging in South America. Now, after Brazil, Chile and Argentina, it is finally here! The Lollapalooza festival is coming to Berlin featuring great acts, including Muse, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sam Smith and Tame Impala.

Right from the start of this Berlin music spectacle, the international Warsteiner Brewery will be onboard by partnering with the global Lollapalooza festival, making sure that its music-thirsty fans won’t run dry. As with countless music festivals before, hundreds of liters of beer will slide across the bar, and by adding its own activities, Warsteiner will make sure that the festival becomes even more colorful.

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