20. November 2015

Disco Shopping in Berlin – Party at the Supermarket

No muzak, no beeping price scanners, no calls for back up at register 5 . . . instead Kaiser’s supermarket in Berlin became a full-fledged hip hangout complete with pulsating music, flashing disco lights and a large LED dance floor that saw some great action by more than 700 disco fans thanks to Warsteiner.

Originally invented in Amsterdam, this wildly popular concept of turning a regular supermarket experience into a special event called “disco shopping” was staged for the first time in Germany by the brand that lubricates entire festivals and knows how to party!  Announced by Warsteiner via social media and other channels, the limited number of tickets quickly sold out, with a few lucky guests receiving their invitations via a raffle.

After regular hours on November 7th, the revelers dusted off their disco outfits, go-go boots and all, and headed over to Kaiser’s for some “disco shopping!” Upon entry, guests were handed a “shopping list” of items to enjoy during the special “shopping hours” from 11:00 pm to 1:30 am. With a bowling alley between shelves of paper goods and cleaning products, a photo booth around the corner, and three Warsteiner bars serving free beer, it did not take long for these “shoppers” to find their groove and hit the dance floor, where tasty compilations by the Amsterdam DJ Primo Disco, Prunk, and Noah Becker whipped the shoppers into a dancing frenzy. 

But in Cinderella-like fashion, at 1:30 on the dot, the supermarket closed and disco shopping ended for the night. To make sure our guests headed home with enough provisions, the shopping list reminded them to take along some absolutely essential goodies like a 6-pack of Warsteiner premium pilsener and other vital munchies.

Monday morning, the muzak returned, and regular shoppers found their supermarket all tidied up, restocked and open for business…as if the magical evening had never happened!

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