19. July 2016

Warsteiner at the Expedition Festival in Rotterdam

Located along the beautiful Maas River in the center of Rotterdam, the Euromast Park was this year’s destination for fans of the 4th Expedition Festival. Held on July 16, this eclectic music event featured innovative house music organized by such big names as Annabel, DJ Broadcast and PIP

While the music spread over several stages that kept the crowd dancing until the midnight hour, the Warsteiner team brought a super cool vibe to the event: The popular Dutch rapper Faberyayo put on series of sessions on the highest stage in the Netherlands, the Euromast Tower.

To experience Faberyayo reading from his latest book in this intimate yet mind-blowing setting high above Rotterdam, you just had to have a lucky hand when ordering an ice cold Warsteiner at the super long, super convenient Warsteiner festival bar.

If you happened to score one of the special symbols, you and some of your friends could take a ride up the tower and enjoy one of Faberyayo’s sessions while gazing across the great city of Rotterdam below… aww, what a sight! Afterwards, it was time to get back into the groove and start dancing again!

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