24. August 2016

2016 Perfect Pour Champion Crowned in Las Vegas

When done right it looks so easy! A cold refreshing Warsteiner with its fine-pored head high above the rim of our iconic tulip glass – it’s a thing of beauty! But who would do it best? With a steady hand and great smile, Annie Matthews from the “Old Chicago” in Aurora, Colorado, mastered the challenge and was crowned 2016 Warsteiner Perfect Pour Champion at the final pour-off in Las Vegas.

The second edition of our Perfect Pour by Warsteiner competition in the US turned into an internet sensation with 291 bartenders (50% more than in 2015) representing 134 bars, pubs and restaurants enthusiastically campaigning for fan votes on social media. After 7,800 customer entries, 56,000 bartender views and more than 41,000 votes, the top three contenders were invited to take the battle to the place where the winner takes all!

Taking over the Parlor Lounge at the world famous Mirage Casino Hotel on the Vegas strip, the grand finale with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Berlin on the line proved to be a nail biter! Annie entered the final pour-off as the favorite having garnered 6,070 votes, while James Neuweg from “Fritz and Franz” in Miami, Florida, and Tierney O’Rourke from “Statler Grill,” New York City, came ready to play as well.

It was lights, camera, action as each bartender poured three rounds of Warsteiner for the panel of judges. After some very close calls, we had a two-way tie between Annie and James. So for the first time in Pour Off history, a tie breaker round was called. When the final drip covers were applied to the Warsteiner tulip glasses, Annie had captured the grand prize. The crowd cheered in delight, and so far more than 91,000 views followed the event on Facebook!

“Annie’s final Perfect Pour was pure perfection,” said Laura Sprengard, brand manager for Warsteiner USA. “Her mastery of the Perfect Pour process, coupled with her creative presentation, earned her the title of 2016 Warsteiner Perfect Pour Champion.”

The celebrations continued with guests enjoying perfectly poured Warsteiner while some Vegas-style celebrity impersonators mingled with the crowd, Yes, Elvis was in the building, so was the King of Pop, and even Alan from “The Hangover” movies found his way to the bar.

To view all entries, go to www.perfectpouroff.com. Call for entries for the 2017 Perfect Pour by Warsteiner contest will be announced May 2017.

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