05. September 2016

Jürgen Klopp Visits Warsteiner

Answering questions from the press during the tour, the famous soccer manager showed his talent for smart one-liners and entertaining anecdotes.

“I come from a brewer family myself and as such know quite a bit about the traditional brewing craft. Still, visiting one of the most modern breweries in Europe was an extremely impressive experience.”

Jürgen Klopp

Afterwards, Klopp visited the grounds of the 2016 Warsteiner International Montgolfiade, the largest hot-air balloon festival in Europe, and was an immediate magnet for the enthusiastic spectators as well as the die-hard fans of this charismatic soccer coach. After working the crowd and shaking hands with guests, our Warsteiner brand ambassador baptized a new balloon “Kloppo” amidst great fanfare. Directly following the ceremony, Klopp welcomed four very excited winners of a local raffle. “He is so incredibly easy-going, which makes him so likeable,” Johanna Risse gushed. She won one of the jerseys, which Klopp immediately signed. Visibly overjoyed to meet his idol, another winner, Marcel Schäfer, was delighted: “It’s crazy to shake hands with such a star coach, what a day!” Additionally, four employees of the Warsteiner Brewery had the chance to meet “Kloppo,” as the coach is affectionately called by his fans. Sabrina Josefus, Josef Bornemann, Tobias Bräutigam and Anne-Maria Bause were able to personally ask the brand ambassador of our Warsteiner non-alcoholic beer some questions and pose for souvenir photos.

Finally, everyone moved inside the festival tent, where the day came to a conclusion with a cold, freshly tapped Warsteiner in hand. Catharina Cramer, owner of the Warsteiner Brewery, summarized: “Jürgen’s visit to Warstein, his tour of the brewery and the 26th Warsteiner International Montgolfiade were a great success. He is such a charismatic popular icon and a perfect fit for our Warsteiner brand. We are pleased to have him onboard as our brand ambassador for our Warsteiner non-alcoholic beer.”

Jürgen Klopp

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