Pouring Instructions

Perfectly poured – perfectly served!

The Warsteiner exclusive glasses have been specially designed and manufactured for Warsteiner’s premium products. Their individual shape promotes Warsteiner’s smooth taste and creates a fine, steady head when the beer is poured from the tap or a bottle.

Washing tip – perfect enjoyment and crystal clarity guaranteed:

1. Wash your Warsteiner glasses carefully in hot water with no detergent.
2. Dry the inside of the glasses.
3. Avoid using cotton towels so as not to get fluff on the glass.
4. Leave the glasses on the draining board to dry on the outside.
5. Before using, remove any dust on the glasses with cold water.
6. Pour in Warsteiner and enjoy the full flavor!

Tapping at Its Best

A WARSTEINER with the right amount of CO2 and a perfect head should be poured in three minutes maximum. A beer that is poured rapidly tastes much fresher because it still has a lot of the CO2 that is present in beer.

It is crucial to observe the rules for cleanliness and pour the beer correctly. You should never pre-pour beer or fill a glass from several other glasses!

The ideal temperature at which to drink a Warsteiner is 6°C to 7°C.

1. Hold the pre-rinsed Warsteiner glass at a slight angle and open the tap fully. The Warsteiner should flow flat from the tap onto the inner wall of the glass.

2. Wait for a minute and then add more beer. In this time, the surface of the foam forms. The ideal condition for a perfect head!

3. After waiting one minute more, quickly open and close the tap several times to complete the head – on a perfect Warsteiner.

4. Before serving, place a drop catcher around the stem of the glass. Note: When pouring beer into the glass, make sure the tap is always fully open and do not let it touch the beer!

The same principles apply to pouring beer from a bottle as from the tap.

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