04. March 2016

German 2016 Gastronomy Award

The winners of the 2016 German Gastronomy Awards have been announced: At the award ceremony at the Axica Congress Center in Berlin, Marc Uebelherr prevailed against strong competition.

With his restaurant “Oh Julia” in Munich and his entrepreneurial success, Uebelherr was the award winner in the “Food” category. In the “Beverage” category, a winning team was selected: Alexander Dohnt and Maik Richter were awarded for their courage and exceptional gastronomic accomplishments in establishing the “TA OS skybar” at the top of the Schorndorfer Postal Tower.

Hermann Bareiss, the passionate hotelier from Baiersbronn-Mitteltal, received from Catharina Cramer, Managing Partner of the Warsteiner Brewery and patron of the jury, the Warsteiner Award for his lifetime achievement.

Marc Uebelherr is the Award Winner in the “Food” Category 

Marc Uebelherr is not only a gastronom by heart, but he is also a great entrepreneur. About two decades ago, he joined, almost by accident, the gastronomy sector, and quickly caught the bug for what had been his previous side job and turned it into his profession.
In “OhJulia”, the gastronom, now in his forties, combines the most delicious components of various culinary nationalities: Antipasti, pizza and salads have an Italian flair, while the bread is baked in-house adhering to French recipes. All this takes place directly in front of the customers. “The complete transparency between kitchen and dining area in “Oh Julia” ensures that not only the slogan is ‘authentic’,” explains the chairman of the jury, Martin Hötzel, Managing Director Sales and Marketing of the Warsteiner Group. “The additional locations, which are currently in planning, show that this concept not only impresses us. With the award in the “Food” category, we would like to show our appreciation for Marc Uebelherr’s courage and imagination.“

“Beverage” Category Goes to Alexander Dohnt and Maik Richter 

“The harmony between Alexander Dohnt and Maik Richter is fascinating,” emphasizes the jury in its decision for the “TA OS skybar.” “Dohnt brings ideas from his worldwide travels, which are then implemented together by the team. This creativity as well as its implementation convinced us beyond a doubt.” Furthermore, the unusual location where the two opened their “skybar” adds to this impression: On the ninth and tenth floor of the Postal Tower – in the tranquil town of Schorndorf. For those who like to enjoy a special ambience, they must leave the big city and “go to the country.” The reward: A breathtaking view across the vineyards of Schorndorf, which particularly during sunset puts a smile on faces. Additionally, the extravagant cocktail variations, exclusive wines as well as carefully coordinated whiskey and cigar suggestions are a guarantee for happy and satisfied guests who love to come back.

Hermann Bareiss Receives the Lifetime Award 

This year, the Warsteiner Award for Lifetime Achievement went to Hermann Bareiss, who “as a host and fellow human being set long-lasting standards in the gastronomy industry’” explains the chairman of the jury, Martin Hötzel. At the age of 29, Hermann Bareiss took over the small family hotel that his mother had founded. In the following decades, he led the “Bareiss” unerringly to the top of the European hotel industry: Today, the Five Star Luxury Superior hotel belongs to the most popular vacation hotels in Europe. Well beyond national border, the “Bareiss” enjoys the reputation of a first-class hotel with an exceptional entrepreneurial personality as host. Although his son Hannes has now assumed the operational responsibilities, the signature of his father is still clearly visible. Ernst Fischer, President of the German Hotel and Gastronomy Association (DEHOGA-Bundesverband), used the following words in his moving laudation: “Hermann Bareiss is a true beacon of our industry. He belongs to the truly great hoteliers and family enterprises of our country. As a responsible business executive and exceptional host, he continuously set new standards throughout the past decades.”

Appreciation and Incentive in One 

Catharina Cramer, Managing Partner of the Warsteiner Group and patron of the Warsteiner Gastronomy Award, emphasizes the commitment: “With the presentation of the German Gastronomy Award, we underscore each year our respect for successful entrepreneurs who really achieve something spectacular. With the Warsteiner Award, we hope to add motivation to relentlessly pursue top performances.”
For more information about the German Gastronomy Award, its history and previous award winners, see www.warsteiner-preis.de.

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