03. May 2017

Relaunch 2017

Warsteiner shines in New Brand Look. The newly updated brand design of the family-operated brewery is a significant step forward in the area of visual brand optimization. More modern, fresher and visually stronger, that is also the perception confirmed by numerous focus groups.

 Stylistically confident, authentic and connecting, Warsteiner presents its new brand look in retail and gastronomy starting in 2017. 

Slight Changes. Great Benefits.

The integration of the claim into the image mark and the enhanced readability of the lettering are central elements. The newly designed 0.33 l bottle features a relief in German: “Warsteiner Familientradition seit 1753” (“Warsteiner Family Tradition Since 1753”), which pays homage to Warsteiner’s beer brewing tradition of more than 260 years in the Sauerland region.

The elaborately designed bottle showcases a visibly stronger neck emerging from the shoulder and indented edges between body, neck and bottom, giving the bottle a markedly more masculine appearance. In addition to its distinctly high-end presentation, the new bottle also embodies a particularly resource-saving concept. With its smaller, slimmer, light-weight glass design, the optimized bottle reduces overall transport by 8,000 tons per year – another significant contribution towards Warsteiner’s sustainable corporate management.

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